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Our Story

Hi there, I’m Nidhi, co-founder of the Story Forge Company!

When I was a wee child in the early 90s, I fondly remember story time being my favorite part of the day. I would plead with my mother to read Donald Duck and the One Bear every night for months before bed.

I was such a super fan of Donald, his nephews, and Charlie the Bear that I had memorized every word of that Little Golden Book. If my well-intentioned mother skipped over or paraphrased parts of the book to get me to bed sooner, I would quickly call her out on her “mistake” and make her start over. Looking back, this ritual helped form my lifelong love for reading and my weekly trips to the local library.

As I grew older, I realized the only thing that would have made reading more fun was if there had been some way for me to be in the story and interact with my favorite characters. I thought I was the only one who felt this way, but I discovered that my partner and fellow Story Forge Company co-founder, Pushkar, who grew up abroad as a child, felt the same way.

This got us thinking—how many other children and former children wished for the same thing?

And so, with a blend of imagination, technology, and sheer determination, the Story Forge Company was born!

Our mission from Day 1 has been to weave personalized narratives that allow every child to see themselves at the heart of their very own story and make every child's reading experience truly one-of-a-kind.

Every child is unique, with their dreams, adventures, and tales to tell. In a world full of stories, how often does a child find one where they take the lead, not just as a reader but as the hero, especially for children from underrepresented backgrounds and circumstances?

We believe personalization matters because we’ve often observed the magic that unfolds when a child sees themselves reflected in a story. In a world brimming with generic, mass-produced narratives, the joy of reading a tale that speaks to one’s own identity and experiences is unparalleled.

But why does this matter so much? Personalization is more than a modern trend; it’s a testament to the age-old human desire to feel seen and understood. For a child, this validation fosters self-esteem and nurtures a positive self-image. When children encounter characters that share their name, appearance, or life situations, they’re not merely entertained; they are affirmed.

Studies have shown that children who read stories aligned with their personal context display deeper empathy and an increased motivation to read, which leads to improved life outcomes.

It's not just about a bespoke book; it's about anchoring a child's world view, assuring them that their stories, no matter how small, have value and are worth telling.

At the Story Forge Company, we believe in the power of individual tales. In a world awash with generic narratives, we’re committed to crafting stories in a variety of mediums as unique as each child. Every tale we craft is a collaboration between our dedicated team and the families that trust us with their child’s imagination. As you’ve journeyed through our story, we hope you feel the passion and dedication that drives us every day.

If you believe, as we do, in the transformative power of personalized storytelling, we invite you to be a part of the Story Forge family. Whether it’s customizing a book for a loved one, sharing your feedback, or simply spreading the word, every action helps us bring more unique stories to life.

Together, let’s create a world where every child is the hero of their own tale!

With Gratitude,

Nidhi Mulay, Former Child & Co-Founder @ Story Forge Company